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It wasn't hip and cool," while Cowell offered that "you sang it well" but added, "I thought the performance was very cheesy." Wednesday's live broadcast also featured a performance by season two's third place finisher, Kimberley Locke, as well as current finalist Carly Smithson's firm, on-air denial of media reports on Wednesday that she is pregnant. "But I'm not, no, I'm not." "American Idol" pits singers against one another in a months-long competition.

Past winners including Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood have gone on to music stardom, as have some runnersup like Clay Aiken. Other finalists include: Brooke White, 24; early fan favorite David Archuleta, 17; emerging "Idol" star David Cook, 25; Kristy Lee Cook, 24; Michael Johns, 29; and Ramiele Malubay, 20.

Before his elimination, "Idol"'s blunt judge Simon Cowell told Chikezie he was in danger "because you chose the wrong song last night, and it wasn't original." "Don't underestimate how smart the public are who watch this show," Cowell added.

One thing I would like to see is some episodes with some older people, that is over 30, to see the different dynamics that this would bring.

But the man did do some really original things over the last couple of weeks.

He took some big risks – things that other contestants haven’t even ventured – and done them successfully.

Season Two: Corey Clark Believe it or not, the controversial Clark – who was disqualified for lying about a hairy domestic dispute and later claimed to have had an affair with Paula Abdul - was once a part of the Universal Music Group, (which includes Interscope Records). Despite headlining some big concerts in the Filipino-American community, Camile has yet to release an album.

His 2005 self-titled debut album – independently produced but distributed by Universal - boasted a Black Eyed Peas cameo and production by one of the top producers at that time, Scott Storch. Despite widespread coverage of his alleged Abdul showmance – including an hour long ABC Primetime Live special called… Season Four: Nikko Smith Baseball Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith’s son replaced hat aficionado Mario Vasquez.