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more Tune in as Patricia interviews Rosey Dow, The Prospect Profiler, who works with coached, service professionals and information marketers to find your perfect clients.She is the host of The Prospect Profiler™ on Blogtalk Radio which... Ed., is a pioneer and trailblazer for positive media messaging; author, inspiring public speaker, entrepreneur, and visionary broadcast producer and host, who has given voice through the airwaves to help all of us overcome obstacles and challenges and make our dreams come true! Patricia as she interview Jennifer Longmore, Soul Journeys® Empowerment and Enlightenment Coach.JOIN The "Patricia Raskin Positive Living" Network of listeners and guest interviews Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. She will discuss how she can align you to your soul's purpose through one-on-one Akashic Record Consultations...Sponsored by the Harrington School of Communication and Media, we are excited to welcome Patricia!

She is the owner of Twin River Hearing Health, Inc, a private audiological and hearing aid dispensing practice, established 18 years ago in Providence and now in Smithfield since 2001. Mary Kay" will discuss signs of hearing loss, hearing loss due to job-related noise exposure, ringing in the ears, musician monitors and how she has been helping pepoe with hearing problems often accompanied by depression, anxiety and isolation for more than 30 years.She was raped by a family friend and later ordered by the judge to marry him. more Patricia interviews financial healer and business systems expert, Atim Kavi, who focuses on certain energy patterns and how they relate to money, and how you can use those energy patterns more effectively when handling your...more Join Patricia as she interviews Dawn Mc Intyre, Professional Spiritual Intuitive, an expert in leading men and women into higher states of expansion and beauty consciousness.Patricia is on a mission to deliver positive messaging and give people hope through the radio.During the interview you’ll learn how to live your life with hope grounded in reality and steps to live a life infused with gratitude and joy Patricia will also share: • Seven principles for positive living • Five P’s to success plus one • How to choose your future Patricia Raskin, host of the The Patricia Raskin radio show, is a nationally recognized, multi-media radio talk show host, award-winning producer, speaker, coach and author.