Officescan server not updating

Designed for ensuring both virtual and physical desktops are safe from malware threats, unauthorized access or attempts of stealing sensitive information, this software combines several technologies to provide strong protection.

Office Scan is build in such a manner that it can be easily extended through the use of plugins.

So if anyone has done any real performance testing, with 100-500 clients, I would really like to know.

At least Trend Micro managed to get something right with the new Smart Scan feature.

Norton Anti Virus had been our desktop solution, but I found Symantec’s enterprise solution to be a little cumbersome, both in terms of management and budget.

I have also had some bad personal experiences with Mc Afee products, so I did not consider their products an option. After talking to a user of Trend’s software about his experiences, I checked out Office Scan.

Anyway, if my sense of time is correct, its about two weeks left, until the Service Pack 1 of Office Scan 10 is released to the public.

The beta looked okay, but I`m really curious whether or not they managed to fix some of those performance issues.

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When my network grew to a point where it was no longer feasible to administer anti-virus on a per-workstation basis, I began looking for an enterprise solution capable of central management, monitoring, and control.

E-mail protection is included and thanks to its specific threat intelligence, the malware protection is effective even against botnets and similar menaces.

Given its strong feature set and thanks to the extensible architecture it is based upon, Trend Micro Office Scan is a solution that will surely fit the bill for companies and businesses looking for a strong security suite that keeps data private and the systems well protected at all times.

Learning that Office Scan is web-based sealed the deal, and after a brief evaluation I rolled it out network-wide. The server component must be installed on a Windows server with IIS 4 or greater.

The user has only to create a shared folder for the Office Scan server and the installer takes care of the rest.