Kln90b updating database

Nav Data Pro is an update service for navigational data for several Flight Simulator add-ons using an FMC or GPS data for their flights.

The Nav Data itself is supplied by Lufthansa Systems and is used in real world aviation by more than 180 airlines throughout the world.

Nav Data Pro is absolutely easy to use through its intuitive user interface where the user can select the add-on for which to install and update the Nav data base.

Lastly, part three (February 2014) explored the average “light-to-medium IFR” pilot for which later-model avionics are the standard.

At a quick glance, both of the Garmin navigators shown here appear to be identical.

Yet the 150XL, top, is a VFR-only GPS while the GPS 155XL, lower, is IFR approved.

Because of the massive influx of new technology, there's a long tail of radios, navigators and displays stretching back more than a decade, leading many owners to ask us if the old RNAV, loran or even first-gen GPS they still have in the panel is legal for IFR. On the other hand, some recent installations we've seen of supposedly IFR-approved navigators aren't legal at all.

In most cases, the legal nits don't matter on day-to-day, practical basis.