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Britney Spears is no stranger to the gaming industry.

I suspect that those of you who are willing to read a longform review of the soon-to-be Millennium Award-winning Las Vegas showgirl’s new mobile game might also be familiar with her first foray into the virtual world, 2002’s in 2012, a funky variation on the classic tangly-limb game on the floor involving a portable music player and color-coordinated spots. Today (well, yesterday), Britney — together with Glu Mobile, the makers of like I played it because of the sheer amount of tweets and #thinkpieces about the game when it launched two years ago.

“We are so excited to share the news with others that we are courting,” Joseph said about his new romance, which will follow the strict rules of their religion.

“Our families are close friends through church and this has allowed Kendra and me to get to know each other. ” Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s “courting” method includes only chaperoned dates, very minimal physical contact and absolutely no sexual relations before marriage.

What do men hear when you appear open to possibilities? To learn more or register for the event, visit the Gotham Girl's Divorce Resource, UNTIED. For support and steps you can take to see more clearly what's facing you as you grapple with your relationship or divorce, contact Liza or Kim at SAS for your free consultation.

For men, the ones who are watching, evaluating, and sometimes yawning at the endless parade of online female profiles, the poses, the "Look at Me's! What brings you to dating may in fact be circumstances that seem entirely self-esteem robbing and unsettling (divorce anyone? We've got something more powerful now that we ever had before, and guess what?

But this is 2016, people, and if you know us even a little bit, you know we don't follow the rules.

Lingerie brands are all for breaking with tradition these days, too.

What you got going this Valentine's Day might surprise you. I live in the United States and in a city where women are freer than they are in many other places in this world. But as an older woman, a mother, a divorcee, and a coach who helps other women with relational setbacks, I have two things going for me and so do you. It means your candor, your refreshingly frank opinions, your honest yet brief and sweet profile, your stories, your thoughts.

I am 49-years-old and like to crow, "I've been on 50 first dates since my divorce. Combine this with that newfangled thing, the Internet, and it's made possible unthinkable possibilities. As women of a certain age we have learned to be open, and oddly, we appear confident. We've learned there is a whole lot more in this life to sample, taste and savor, and we can't predict what the Next Big Thing is. It means knowing what you want on the menu, to telling your date straight what you think about another meeting, to later, or not, and your orchestrating what you want between the sheets. Along with her co-founder, Grief Recovery Specialist® Kimberly Mishkin, Liza is director of SAS Support and Solutions for Women.

I've enjoyed virtually all of them."Now before you pity me, or start thinking something worse, let me own that I consider my circumstances a privilege.

At least, we think they are, judging by the bras they're turning out.

In all their lacey, strappy, colorful goodness, bralettes shouldn't be made to hide under blouses and chunky sweaters.