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You can write code to create and delete model elements, set their properties, and create and delete links between elements. If the elements are viewed on a diagram, the diagram will be "fixed up" automatically at the end of the transaction.

An Example DSL Definition Navigating the Model Accessing Class Information Perform Changes inside a Transaction Creating Model Elements Creating Relationship Links Deleting Elements Deleting Relationship Links Reordering the Links of a Relationship Locks Copy and Paste Navigating and Updating Diagrams Navigating between Shapes and Elements Properties of Shapes and Connectors Doc View and Doc Data Shapes, Connectors and Diagrams, and their relationships to model elements are described in a separate topic.

After adding all the modem's I will then keep this list updated.**Frontier is not allowed to give the password out for this modem to the customer based on contract they have signed with the modem manufacturer or with a business. So if you try to log into a business modem, 'admin' won't work.

Speedstream 5200admin/admin192.168.254.254Speedstream 5861login/NA**(See Footnote) 5930superuser/NA**(See Footnote) 6520admin/admin192.168.254.254Siemens Gigaset SX762admin/NA**(See Footnote) 567admin/admin192.168.254.254Westell 6100admin/adminadmin/password192.168.1.1Westell 7500admin/adminadmin/password192.168.1.1Westell/Netgear 7550admin/adminadmin/admin1admin/passwordadmin/password1192.168.254.254The default password on the business class modems is also admin.

The names of the properties appear in the Dsl Definition diagram as labels on the roles at each side of the relationship.

Depending on the multiplicity of the role, the type of the property is either the class at the other end of the relationship, or a collection of that class.

For more information, see How to: Navigate and Update a Diagram.

For example, some plugin implementing a build step can rename its parameters.Tutorial Manual | FAQ Bling is a C#-based library for easily programming images, animations, interactions, and visualizations on Microsoft's WPF/. Bling is oriented towards design technologists, i.e., designers who sometimes program, to aid in the rapid prototyping of rich UI design ideas.Students, artists, researchers, and hobbyists will also find Bling useful as a tool for quickly expressing ideas or visualizations.We used Bling to enhance our productivity and would like to share it with other WPF UI design prototypers. To support WPF pixel shaders, the Direct X August 2008 runtime is sometimes required, although this is often already installed on your machine. The code used in this getting started example is located in the Getting file of the Getting Started project in the release.As of Bling 3, Direct X 10 is also supported for Windows Vista and Windows 7 (sorry XP users! If you want to use Direct X 10, you'll have to install the latest redistrutable; e.g., the web installer. To include in your own project for WPF development, simply add the Bling. WPF projects to your solution, and then add a reference to the Bling project from your own project. We start of this example by creating a thumb and label on a canvas: The first statement creates a red thumb that can be dragged (Can Drag = true).