Dating sites do they really work

Dating lifestyle is sensitive subject for my son wants to txt just trying on the historical past of life from the platform.

This almost contradicts the reasons why such a vast amount of people join online dating.

Which only resulted in "I cant be bothered to continue on the site! This meant the percentage of people who had signed up and filled out all the relevant information online, were then soon after filling this out, not bothering to continue to the next stage or pay to meet someone and leaving altogether or just leaving their profile online but no action was taken.

Whereas when you look at the likes of Plenty of Fish and Tinder and Zoosk, which in comparison there is no fee whatsoever and just a case of signing up, popping on a few good photos of yourself and adding in a great profile page, this would be enough for half the population to feel the same excitement of meeting someone and less hassle too, surely this made more sense?

However, we shall cover many statistics and theories that may assist you with your decision.

Statistics: In the United States (today) there is a total of 54,250,000 single people and 49,250,000 of them have tried online dating. The average length of marriages by people who met online is 18.5 months, whereas marriages by people who met offline (in real life) averaged 42 months. The percentage of people who left the site(s) after 3 months is 10%.

Dating sites do they really work