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But instead of helping them visualise what it’s like to choose you, you can end up with copy veiled in a bubble of well-meaning words that actually acts as a barrier between you and your ideal customer.For example: positive, but there are no specific details to show HOW this is done, WHO it’s for and what the RESULTS might be.Look at the following examples, in which version do we learn more about the person? (Now to present tense) After a brief phone consultation to find out how you use a computer in your business, I will research options to discuss with you, source the best prices, get everything up and running and then provide ongoing training and support.” 3.What the results were Oh people do love results of course.I have enough experience from prior projects to know how to outcompete most other sites.If you don't currently have the skills yourself, you generally have two options: pay someone; or learn programming. In my experience, most people asking this question are looking for a programmer to "partner up with" where the programmer puts in all of the up-front time investment and the marketing guy helps monetize the idea.And if your readers don’t get this information pretty quickly, they’re going to get all Dionne Warwick on you and Walk On By. One of the best ways to catch the attention of your perfect customer, is to give examples of what you’ve done for other perfect customers. Just like the lonely-hearts browser, your customer wants a fast indication that they’ve found a good match without having to go on lots of uncomfortable first dates.

So the tendency is to describe your most positive traits in a bid to give people an idea of what you’re like.Other research suggests that more than a third of married couples now meet online. The unmarried population stands at 47 percent, up from 42 percent in 1994, according to the Census Bureau.All told, the dating services industry is expected to generate .1 billion this year, and nearly 70 percent will come from the thousands of dating websites across the globe.A recent report by Topeka Capital Markets finds that the combination of tough economic times, a rise in the number of singles, social media and mobile technology is causing a resurgence in the "fast food dating" business of online personals. people are a lot more comfortable posting their personal information online.So there's no longer a negative stigma attached to online dating," said the report's author, Victor Anthony, Topeka's managing director of Internet media. In a recent Pew Internet survey, 59 percent of Americans said they consider online dating a good way to meet people compared with 44 percent in 2005. are single, meaning there's plenty of opportunity for dating sites.