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Or a moment for that matter, because when Keith Urban met Nicole Kidman at the 2005 G'Day USA gala honoring Australians in Los Angeles, he was pretty much down for the count.And yet, it took him four months to pick up the phone.'I'm like, 'You didn't love me at first sight, you didn't notice me,' and he's like, 'Yes I did but I just didn't let on,' but we kind of met and then about four months later he called me,'" Kidman recalled on in 2013."It wasn't like the earth shook," she told in 2007. I was open to it and willing to change and welcome the change I got to have a child when I was 41 and then we had a surrogate." about why she and Urban initially fell in love all the more surprising. "I would probably say that two very lonely people managed to meet at a time when they could open themselves to each other. So it's about trying to keep it as intimate and personal as possible." For his part, Urban corroborated Kidman's no-texting story in an interview with Ellen De Generes; however, he did admit that they'll occasionally make time for, um, special kinds of texts.In fact, while speaking to Ellen De Generes in 2013, the Oscar-winning beauty also admitted that Urban waited four months before he actually asked her out on a date. We were a mixture of frightened and brave." "We [definitely] both met each other exactly at the right time," Urban added in an interview with Given their often hectic schedules, you'd think that Kidman and Urban would take advantage of modern day technologies like texting and e-mail to keep in touch with one another. In fact, Kidman told in 2014 that they pretty much only communicate over the phone while they're apart. But mainly we say, 'I want to hear your voice.'" "That's very unusual, but we've been together for 10 years," Kidman—who has also revealed that Urban writes her one love letter for every day they're apart— continued. "Maybe [we'll send] one cool kind of, Over the years, both Kidman and Urban have been extremely forthcoming about the struggles they've faced throughout their relationship.And today, they celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary, looking just as smitten as on day one."We actually said we're going to celebrate all year," Kidman told E! Added Urban, "We just feel incredibly lucky." They were somewhat able to tear themselves away from each other's gaze in order to chat for a moment.A few weeks later, Urban was looking at his wife on the red carpet at the 2016 Met Gala last month as if he'd just stumbled upon the fairest of them all, the two of them carrying on their own private little love affair amid thousands of camera flashes.

They play guitar and dance and that's his pick-up truck.""The great thing about being married to a musician..have music in the house all the time," Kidman, the star of course a capable singer who's been known to sing a duet or two with her husband, continued.

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“Say, like hypothetically, I wanted to woo someone. Even though Lance had been the one to start the conversation, Hunk was willing to bet that, even for just a minute, Lance had forgotten about his question altogether, too caught up in what (was probably) the logistics of whoever he was trying to woo. “You’re like, super hot, you have more muscles than fricking Shiro, who is by the way like the greek god of being toned, and you’re really nice and everyone always likes you, even if it’s in a more platonic than romantic way. I really don’t need a backstory for whatever favor you’re going to ask.” “Sorry!

Though I’m solidly sure at least ninety percent of people have had at least the tiniest bit of a crush on you at some point.” Lance stops, derailed for a moment at the thought of how many people have potentially had crushes on Hunk, before he starts back up again. “Yeah whatever that’s why I added the ‘technically’ to the end! Help me.” Lance actually looks genuinely desperate, so Hunk decides to let his (totally untrue, okay?!? “Well I mean, you should just tell them you like them? If you start ‘wooing’ them before you date it could be weird. That can make it weird.” Lance smiles awkwardly, not even jumping on the chance to try and prove Hunk wrong by bragging about his flirting skills. ” Instead of looking guilty with this apology, Lance looks...almost nervous?