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may be hosted by NBC, one of the biggest networks around, Sovani insists that this new digital take on a talk show is bringing something brand new and accessible to younger viewers — and a lot of that has to do with the tone of the show.“Imagine Anderson Cooper doing the six o’clock news and then going home in the evening, and he throws a black v-neck T-shirt and cracks open a beer,” she explains with a laugh.Aliya-Jasmine “AJ” Sovani was born on , in Ottawa Canada. She belongs to Persian and Africa-Indian descent and holds a Canadian nationality.

She currently works for NBC as a presenter and host.Sovani believes it was important to make this show as easy to access on-the-go as possible to match the fast-paced life of most modern millenials.“Our show is completely made to watch on your phone, which I think is really cool and forward-thinking,” the co-host shares.They had a young girl, who’s a big fan of MTV, who had just been admitted into palliative care, which is not a wonderful place to be,” shared Sovani on helping Allam, who has acute myeloid leukaemia, with her red carpet wish.“Hiba’s always dreamt of becoming a designer to the stars, and so through the Children’s Wish Foundation, we’re going to turn one of her sketches into a reality with help from Richard Robinson.” The moment Sovani heard word of the opportunity she booked a trip to Ottawa to meet with Allam at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.